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The Dairyland Way

Complete Dairy Hoof Care, Is proud to be the only training organisation in the UK to offer the official Dairyland Hoof Care course.

The course is based on the original five step method developed by E.Toussaint Raven over thirty years ago. The Dairyland method has been developed by Karl Burgiand his team to accommodate the modern cow in her environment, it is an update version of the original five step method. 

The Dairyland Course is a tried and tested method in use around the world, unique in that not only is the trimming with knifes and nippers taught, but also grinders.

We can offer a  four day technical  course or a two day beginners course,  also on farm training for the larger farms.

The Dairyland course is built around Functional hoof trimming, the participants will come away with a full understanding of Why, How and When to functionally trim a cow and the treatment of more complicated lesions. 

Each course will cover Hoof health, Functional and Therapeutic hoof trimming, Diseases & Treatments, Footbath & Facility Management, Knife sharpening, Trimming tools. 

We are happy to travel and work with Vet practices, Nutritionists, Agriculture consultants, Colleges or other interested groups.

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Next course dates.

10th - 13th April 2017 Devon.

March 20th - 23rd 2017 Cheshire