Blocks, glue and consumables

Roto-clip trimming wheels, Blades and screws.

Power rasps.

Jubilant Oran Accu-Bloc

> Fits medial or lateral claws - no more left and right blocks,

> Ideal dimensions - similar to a wood block,

> Optimum with creates stability during recovery,

> Height allows sufficient rest of diseased claw,

> Sloped design increases claw angle, improving recovery,

> More yielding than a wood block, reduces claw trauma,

> Long lasting material ensures original shape and structure,

> Rolled toe permits cow to maintain natural stride,

> High visibility colour for quick identification and monitoring,

> Quick and easy application.

Sharpening Sets

> 7" Rubber wheel.

> 6" felt wheel.

> sharpening compound. 

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>Gauze swabs,

> Nitrile gloves, 

>Work gloves,

> Safety glasses.

Comfort Hoof Care UK

​Only supply the best hoof care products. That ourselves and a team of hoof care professional, have tried and tested around the world

Accu-Bond Mig
> Ideal adhesive for Accu-bloc, Accu-sole and wooden blocks,
> Superb consistency, allowing time to apply blocks properly,
> Cures harder and faster, resulting in less block shifting,
> Better adhesion for longer block retention, yielding and        recovery of lesions,
> Bonds synthetics and wood blocks,
> Available in 200ml cartridges.

Brilliant  Accu-Sole

> Protects thin claws due to excessive wear,

> Optimum dimension designed to increase  stability and improve gait,

> Wedge design to allow claw to maintain flat surface,

> Longer lasting material guards sole,

> Quick and easy application best suited for Accu-Bond adhesive,

Hoof Nippers, Aesculap Hoof Knifes,& Hoof Files

​           Trimming Tools

Hoof Care Products

Wooden Uni-Bloc

> Made from hard wearing hard wood.

​> Fits left or right claw.

​> 60mm wide for better stability.

> Available in three different sizes.




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