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* Equipped with ACCU-TRIM Leg restraint system.

* Easy Cow handling for todays dairy environment.

* Perfect addition to your treatment area.

* Adjusts to accommodate various cattle sizes.

* Spring-tension safety cranks for all restraints.

* Removable side panels allowing access to the Cow.

* Engineered with you and the Cow in mind

Featuring our ACCU-TRIM leg restraint system

* Ergonomically designed work area,

*Open design loads Cows without hesitation,

* Adjusts to accommodate various size cattle, 

* Synchronized controls and illuminated work space,

*Compact design reduces steps ,saves time.

Smart engineering provides an efficient means to handle cattle for hoof care and other health procedures. A remote control operates the belly band along with front and rear leg restraints allowing you to trim or treat cows quickly. Trust the Accu-trim design and quality components to meet todays modern hoof health challenges. Choose the electric system for you dairy environment

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